Two out of three MS sufferers have one thing in common.

They’re women.

MSThere are around 100,000 multiple sclerosis sufferers in the UK1. In fact it’s one of the five most common critical illnesses claimed for2. What’s more, it affects twice as many women as men1.

MS is also very difficult to diagnose.

That’s why many providers use the standard definition from the Association of British Insurers to make decisions on a claim.

But at Bright Grey our definition is better than that and means you don’t have to wait as long for your diagnosis to be confirmed3.



women in the UK have been diagnosed with MS1



of the women who claimed for MS were 40 or younger2

1 in 9

of all women’s critical illness claims were for MS2

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Sources: 1., May 2012. 2. Bright Grey claims statistics, 1 July – 31 December 2011. 3. This improved definition applies to menu plans with a quote effective date of 28 May 2012 or later.  

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