The amount of customers who do not use a mortgage adviser and apply for a mortgage direct either online or through the banks and get turned down for one reason or another, give up and do not try again. Whether looking to move, remortgage or to access additional funds for home improvements or for debt consolidation, doing nothing could have a detrimental effect on your finances and therefore using a mortgaged adviser could overcome this.

The benefits of a mortgage adviser is that once your finances have been assessed, your current and future requirements have been taken into account you will then be advised as to what is suitable or available.

As a mortgage adviser it is our duty to ensure that what is recommended is affordably now and in the future taking into account your current and future requirements. Being an independent mortgage adviser we are able to research the whole market.

What does “Whole of Market” mean?
As a professional mortgage adviser we charge a fee for the advice we give, whether you go direct to the bank or transact the business using our services. Banks and Building Societies offer rates for mortgages directly through them or though intermediary channels (ourselves). Rates can sometimes be more competitive through brokers and other times directly with the banks or building societies. Our job is to advise you accordingly and should that mean recommending a directly offered product then that is what we will do.

Advantages of going direct

Possible lower rate

Disadvantages of going direct

No advice given
Limited product rate
No Single point of contact

We have referred a number of clients to apply for low mortgage rate deals directly with banks or Building Societies only to find that they receive little or no customer service, slow processing times and lose the face to face service that we provide. They have then instructed us to deal with the submission of the application on their behalf to another lender.

The advantages of using a mortgage adviser

Receive advice & Recommendation
Single point of contact
Face to face service
Home or Office appointments
Whole of market choice
We take care of the whole process

The disadvantages of using a mortgage adviser

We charge a small fee for the advice, recommendation and service we provide, albeit we believe that even with this fee it is still more cost effective to use us and you will receive a quality service that at the end of the day is priceless.

Remember we only charge a fee on production of a mortgage offer, unless it is pure advice you require and nothing else.

A lower rate is not always the best rate to take. Check out the best buys table on to give you an idea of what is available, then

If you would like to discuss your mortgage requirements or would just like a financial review with a qualified mortgage adviser either in the office in park gate or in the comfort of your home. Please give us a call on 01489 580020 or email us at where we will be happy arrange an initial meeting.

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