It’s so easy to buy Protect your bubble Bicycle Insurance online. Just a few clicks and you’ll be covered instantly.

But how much should you insure your bicycle for? The best way to calculate the level or amount of bicycle insurance cover that you require is to think about the value of your bike, plus the value of any extras that are attached to the bike such as locks, mud guards, pumps, bells, bottles, mirrors, computers etc to give you a total amount.

Bicycle Insurance

Think about how you use your bicycle. If you use it for a commute and have an expensive cycle bag attached, you will need to include the cost of that accessory when you choose a cover limit.

If you regularly take your children on the back of your bike and you have a child seat, you’ll need to take that into account when choosing the amount of insurance that you need.

If you’ve built your bike up from scratch, make a list of the parts and their cost, work out how much it would cost you to replace the whole lot, if it were to be stolen, or individually if it were to be damaged.

Always keep receipts to show how much your bicycle cost you and how much any additional extras cost too, as your insurer will ask you for evidence in the event that you need to make a claim.

What happens if I under-insure my bicycle?

If you insure your bike for less than what you paid for it, although you will pay a lower price for your insurance, in the event of a claim your bicycle insurance will only pay out a proportion of the bike’s true value and won’t offer a replacement service, so it is very important to give an honest evaluation of the cost of your bicycle and all of its additional extras at the time at which you get your quote.

Protect your bubble Bicycle Insurance starts at just £1.99 per month for bicycles (and their extras) up to and including the value of £250. You can pay your insurance premium in one go with a credit card or by monthly direct debit. Excesses start from just £25 per claim or to waive the excess, just tick the ‘no excess’ box during the online quote process.

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