Monthly Archives: October 2010

Unlike many comparison websites we believe that the quality of your policy is as important as the price.

There is little value in buying the cheapest policy found online if it won’t pay out when you need it to therefore cheapest isn’t always best.

There are plenty of policies that offer both a good level of cover and a competitive price but you won’t always find them on the comparison tables.

Yes, price is important – but so is the quality of the policy.

When it comes to getting advice about your mortgage, what’s best? A chat and a cuppa or websites, emails, texts and phone?

In this age of emails, websites, twitter, facebook and the like, is there still a place for getting together with a real person and having a good old face-to-face chat and a cup of tea or coffee? We certainly think so and so do many of our customers.

When looking at ways to improve our service, we asked some of customers why they liked doing business with us & how they would feel about using a website or a telephone- based advice service. These were some of the answers:

“I don’t like giving all of my personal details to a website or any old Tom, Dick or Harry over the phone – you never know where it’s going to end up”.
(TL – needed mortgage advice in Southampton)

“I like the fact that you can come out and see us at home after work & explain things properly”
(AF – needed first time buyer mortgage in Whiteley)

“We haven’t got time to sit down & look at websites or fill in forms. We like it that you can just come and do everything for us”
(JC – remortaging in Park Gate)

From our own perspective as well, we would much prefer to meet our customers at their home or work or at our offices here at Whiteley. It’s what makes the job enjoyable, with many of our customers becoming more like friends over the years. It builds trust & helps the process flow more quickly as all the required documents are at hand & forms can be signed the same day if required.

This is not to say that we do not embrace modern technology as well. Our up-to-the minute software ensures that we have information on the best mortgage deals at our finger tips. Once the most suitable mortgage has been found we submit most cases via the lenders secure website & keep our customers regularly updated by their preferred contact method such as email, text or phone.

In summary, when it comes to mortgage advice, I believe that you can’t beat sitting down and having a proper discussion about your mortgage requirements and plans. Once that’s done and the best mortgage deal has been found and agreed, then technology takes over to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.